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Volume control

I have my Roku streaming stick+ plugged into an Onkyo receiver. When I first installed the stick, I read that it would not control the volume on AV equipment, so I added the receiver remote to my array on the coffee table and played two handed TV. One night, about a month ago, I accidentally pressed the volume control on the Roku remote and gasped as the receiver volume reacted. I was elated and spent the next several weeks adjusting volume with my Roku remote.

Suddenly, about a week ago, this function stopped working. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what happened. I think that to enable it, I might have had the Onkyo remote upside down in the dark and pressed a button that enables CEC. But I just can't figure out how it stopped. I feel like a Griswald trying to turn on the Christmas lights. (Sorry for those who haven't seen Christmas Vacation).

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Volume control

Not sure if the problem is on the receiver side, but here's a blurb about how Onkyo CEC controls work and where to find them in the menu:

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Re: Volume control

The same thing just happened with my Marantz. Did you ever figure out what the problem was? 

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Re: Volume control

Go to the Onyko Settings, select "Hardware", then "HDMI" then make sure that "HDMI CEC" is turned "ON". Once I did that, the Roku remote worked for Onyko volume for me . . .