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Volume Levels Going From Loud to Soft

How do I fix the volume from going soft and super loud on its own? 

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Re: Volume Levels Going From Loud to Soft

Hi there, 

Thanks for the note. Depending on your model of Roku device, you may be able to try using the 'Volume Mode' feature and enable 'Leveling' to see if this helps. See more information here:

If you continue experiencing an issue, it may relate to the channel's own content and/or ads. I'd also recommend reaching out to any specific channel provider for which you encounter this issue while using their channel, and reporting what you are seeing. 




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Re: Volume Levels Going From Loud to Soft

We purchased a new Hisense TV w/Roku built in. The column leveling is ridiculous. I've looked through the discussions about this. There's seriously no fix for the issue???

Well, I've figured one out. I'm returning the not so smart TV w/Roku.