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Video stutters after rewind on Netflix, Disney +. (Most noticeable on pans and zooms.)

I have a recently purchased Streaming Stick+ (my first Roku device), and I'm been finding an irritating problem with a subtle (but very noticeable) video stutter.

  • Typically, when playing a program for the first time, motion is pretty smooth; no noticeable artifacts. However:
  • If I rewind the program a bit and then play, I will see the stutter problem. This is most noticeable on pans and slow zooms. It happens on about a 1/4 sec cadence; the motion appears to freeze slightly and then resume.
  • If I exit all the way out of the service and relaunch, sometimes the problem is resolved until I next rewind/restart, but sometimes it occurs on first play. (It seems hard to come up with a repeatable test case.)
  • I've observed this problem on Netflix and Disney +, on multiple shows. Haven't tried any other services.
  • I also have a Comcast X1 box with Netflix; I tried the same test on that, but could not reproduce the problem there. (The X1 is on a wired connection, vs. the Roku, but the connection test on the Roku showed more than sufficient bandwidth.)

I have the latest version as far as I know (9.3.0). I've already tried all of the recommended solutions I could find on this forum (change display and audio settings, power down and restart the Roku, etc.), without success. The fact that the problem occurs only after a rewind/restart suggests a problem with the Roku, but I'm open to other troubleshooting ideas. It's irritating enough that I may have to return it if a fix is unavailable.

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Re: Video stutters after rewind on Netflix, Disney +. (Most noticeable on pans and zooms.)

Did you ever resolve your issue? I'm curious about what brand/model of tv are/were you having issues with? I just noticed my roku stick (3800X) on a tcl series 4 tv does the same thing...only on netflix. I tried other roku stick versions and other TVs, they all work fine, it is just this specific stick on the tcl tv.

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