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Re: Video/audio interruptions

"Cor0" wrote:
"DBDukes" wrote:
"Cor0" wrote:
"DBDukes" wrote:

Connected how? HDMI? Wireless via mirroring or some casting function?

Regular HDMI. There's an option for HDMI(arc) that I'm not using if that matters.

So you're using your computer to locate online content, then outputting it from your computer to an HDMI input on a Roku TV? And everything is fine? Then you FF the content and it takes a few seconds to start playing again? Is that what you're talking about?

If so, does the same thing happen when outputting your computer's video to an HDMI monitor?

Yes that's the setup I have now and internet browsing is fine, steam games are fine, no problems turning the computer on and off, but streams glitch out.

And if it was just a delay in starting the stream I wouldn't care, but on roku the stream runs while I cant see or hear it, forcing me to rewind (and the rewind button usually promts the same error).

This problem is completely absent on a computer monitor or my non-smart tv connected by hdmi. It could be that roku is trying to compensate for a change in resolution during fullscreen, but I don't see how that would explain pause and rewind. I'm stumped.

That seems to indicate the TV hardware or possibly the non-Roku software. When you’re using the TV as a monitor only, you’re not using the Roku part. Most effective avenue for resolving this might be contacting the manufacturer.
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