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Using ARC with TCL65S405 and HarmanKardon 1710S

I just want to start by saying that I am completely out of ideas and I have tried everything on the internet.
    Hi all,
I have a TCL65S405TV and I am having trouble getting the ARC functionality to send down sound to my HK receiver
I do not have another receiver to test this on or another TV
I have replaced the HDMI cable and I still get the same results
Here is what happens.   HK on their flagship receiver decided to make it so that you can send almost any source that you put into the back of your receiver  out to your TV almost every way imaginable with one exception.  When you select source "TV" on the receiver the only way the receiver will except sound is through ARC.  This appears to be unchangeable in any way.  So I go the extra mile to make my wife happy and turn on the ARC settings inside my TV and I move some of the HDMI cables in the back of the TV around so that HDMI #1 port (the only ARC port) is now a direct connection to the  HK receiver into its one and only ARC port.  So here are my results.  No sound going into the receiver from Netflix and Pandora.  I have changed the advanced settings on the audio system settings of the TV to different options like Like PCM Stereo, DD+ and DTS to no avail.  However I can prove that the TV and the receiver are linked by the ARC because when I press volume up or down on the TV remote an Icon in the top right of the TV screen appears and show the volume going up or down and THE STEREO VOLUME ON THE SCREEN OF THE RECEIVER SHOWS IT GOING UP AND DOWN.  So there, they are linked.  But I get no sound and no proof of sound and I just don't know how to fix this to make my wife happy so that she can just turn on the TV, turn on the receiver and just push the TV button on the receivers remote so that everything is going and she can watch her shows.  Please help if you have any ideas.  My receiver will not let me hook any other source to the TV channel besides ARC, So optical cable is out.  I am about at the point where I just want to scratch the "TV" letters off of the receivers remote control because that button is worthless.
Drew and Danielle
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Re: Using ARC with TCL65S405 and HarmanKardon 1710S

Ok, after posting this I was thinking about checking what was going on through a second monitor since the HK 1710s has a second video out HDMI port and then I remembered "Lightning Bolt" maybe I hooked the HDMI/ARC cable coming out of the TV to the second HDMI/nonARC compatible output on the back of the receiver.  And BAM like that I solved the mystery.  
So to sum up.  If you have the same set up as me and you can get the volume to go up and down using the ARC settings on your TV but no sound you need to make sure that the HMDI(ARC) cable coming out of your TV is going into the correct HDMI monitor out slot on the back of your receiver and not the available monitor out slot #2 which is not ARC compatible.   
My wife should be grinning ear to ear.

P.S. at least I know I will be.
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Re: Using ARC with TCL65S405 and HarmanKardon 1710S

Glad you could work it out, but I'd like to clarify some things.

The volume indicator going up and down is not an indicator that ARC is working. It is an indicator that SAC (System Audio Control) is working.
You should not need to move all the sources from the HK to the TV, you should be able to leave them connected to the HK. The HK will pull out the audio, send it to the speakers connected to the AVR. It will also send the video on to the TV. In this mode you do not need ARC.
Only when you are watching regular OTA (Over The Air) channels, or watching Netfix or some other app directly on the TV would you be using ARC to send audio to the AVR.
Make sure you do not have anything plugged into the headphone jack on the TV. It sounds like you already have the hdmi cable going from thee ARC port on the TV to the TV/ARC port on the AVR.
Sometimes, turning off ARC and then turning it back on in the TV menu might reestablish the ARC connection.
You will get better audio from the source devices by plugging your source devices into the AVR then if you plug them into the TV and use ARC.
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