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Upgraded Roku Player Now Flickers

I upgraded to Roku player model# 4660X2 which was upgraded to OS 9.0 on 12/22. I have an OLED 4k Ultra HD TV. The flicking started almost immediately and I haven't been able to get it to stop. I tried everything I've read on this forum and have had limited success but the problem hasn't totally gone away.  It's getting to be really annoying and I'd like to find a permanent fix. I'm not a techie but know this is a product issue that needs to be addressed by Roku.

This is apparently not a new issue so I have to assume it;s on Roku's radar and is being addressed. When is a solution expected?
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Re: Upgraded Roku Player Now Flickers

Check under the advanced settings for the setting for framerate matching, and turn it off if it's on. I haven't had flickering, but I did have chopping playback with it on. Perhaps that's what you mean by flickering. 
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