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Ultra (model) premature death

two weeks ago, all was well.  Four days ago, the ultra had become a small, warm brick (yup, power didn't fail, didn't overheat...).  I'm hardly new to tech, know soft and hard reboots, network connections, power disruptions, (I even have a cleaner on the circuit), and the usual suspects.  Of course, the question need not be asked, yes, it IS out of warranty.  Always, right?? Though I own a couple of Apple TV's (like I own a couple of Rokus,) I've always had a soft spot for the more open platform and accessibility of Roku. I glanced around online a bit, looks like my unit's premature death may not be an isolated incident.  I know I need to bite the bullet here, just get a new one, but just want to get the message through to Roku, you could make a good thing GREAT if it had longevity folks.  I know, the age of disposable consumer electronics, increased revenue, etc.  I will likely be buying a replacement unit, but with other options on the market, and more players entering, it would be wise to continue to improve, innovate, draw, and RETAIN customers.  I'm happy enough with the current top end unit functionality.  I'm not happy to consider replacing it every 2-3 years.  And you can count on it, others won't either.  In fact, it isn't my actual "go to" all the time,  so the next one I buy may be the last.  Up to you...

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