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Re: Ultra 4661R PCM only output

Yes DD+ is possible over optical, just not guaranteed. Typically works fine with Yamaha AVRs.
AVOD and Netflix use DD+ but they do not push the bitrate at all. I believe it doesn't even hit 300k and optical max bitrate is 1.5M.

@GPeaslee Try plugging the Roku directly into the XMC, go to the audio settings and set everything to Auto (both settings).
Back out to homescreen and go back into the audio settings digitial audio out. When you click on Auto, the right side of the settings screen should say something like "Detected: DD+,DTS".
Can you try that and post back here what you see?
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Re: Ultra 4661R PCM only output

Just want to circle back on this. I am new to streaming and did not know that YouTube TV and Philo only stream in PCM 2.0. On the movie side, Vudu, Netflix, AVOD, and Showtime all seem to stream DD 5.1+. Setting everything to Auto does not work with the XMC-1. However if I set the Roku to force DD 5.1+, it works. I don't think I tried this as I read that Roku does not pass DD 5.1+ (maybe this only applies to older models). So I was setting it to force DD 5.1. Sorry for my confusion. All is good now.. 
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Re: Ultra 4661R PCM only output

Glad it is working now.
Roku passes DD+ on all models if the destination can handle DD+. Please post a link to where you might have gotten bad information.
Regarding you XMC, sounds like it is not properly reporting DD+ in its edid data, as Auto should have detected it.
It is for these cases where edid is not accurate that we supplied the manual overrides.
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Re: Ultra 4661R PCM only output

"NightHawk" wrote:
"guitarboy" wrote:
The 4640 is available from some sellers in Canada.  Before I go through the hassle of returning the 4660, I'd like some assurances that the 4640 works well with Netflix.  @NightHawk or anyone else who has the 4640?

Yes my Roku Ultra 4640 I got thru amazon a couple months ago works with Netflix and DD+ 5.1 audio, it converts it to DD 5.1 thru the optical audio port to my older Denon receiver.

Ok, I ordered a 4640X from a Canadian seller - it works beautifully.  The Roku is connected to the Yamaha soundbar by HDMI and it automatically senses the soundbar's capabilities (DD, DTS).  DD+ and even AAC5.1 are converted to DD by the Roku.  So far tested with Netflix, Prime, and Plex.  My soundbar simulates surround from a PCM signal, but actual DD is much more immersive.  Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread!

Correction: The AAC sources I referred to are HE-AAC Stereo, not 5.1.  The 4640 converts them to DD 2.1, but to my ears that still sounds better than the PCM conversion done by the 4660.
Roku Ultra 4640X
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