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Ultra 2020 - Inconsistent Atmos and Auto Frame Rate Support

I'm using an Ultra 2020 with a 1080P display and Atmos capable receiver but have found Atmos and Auto Frame Rate to be inconsistent.

Netflix - Atmos and AFR OK
Amazon - AFR OK; Atmos Broken
AppleTV - Atmos and AFR OK
Disney Plus - Atmos and AFR Broken

Is there any plan to fix the Disney and Amazon apps?

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Level 20

Re: Ultra 2020 - Inconsistent Atmos and Auto Frame Rate Support

NetFlix, Hulu, and Disney+ are all framerate locked at 60Hz, so the AFR setting wont apply.

As far as Atmos support goes, you need to specify what you mean by "broken":  Not tagged properly?  Tagged but not outputting Atmos?  Tagged and outputting Atmos, but intermittenly cutting out/missing height channels? Etc.

Also, make sure you change Settings/Audio/HDMI to "Auto passthrough" from the default of "Auto detect" otherwise it converts all output to the highest detected Dolby level of the connected device.

As far as app functionality/etc goes, the respective companies develop and manage their apps, so you need to direct all issues/questions/etc to them.

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Level 8

Re: Ultra 2020 - Inconsistent Atmos and Auto Frame Rate Support

Thanks for the reply.

AFR is working for me on Netflix (24/50/60 as appropriate) but Disney is locked to 60hz. I'm using the Auto passthrough setting you mentioned because the default broke upmixing of non Atmos content quite badly. 

The issue seems to be that the Disney+ app wont do Atmos when using a 1080P/HD display. Wasted 30 mins yesterday trying to get them to escalate the issue on Disney+ chat but I dont think the support drones are able to escalate.



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