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Tv turns on by itself

Hi, I've searched to no avail, perhaps someone can help. I purchased an Onn Roku Tv for black friday. I have nothing connected to it except my settop box for cable provider. This tv turns itself on about every 15-20 minutes (haven't timed it) after it's turned off. I have tried a factory reset, I've tried adjusting every setting I have read about possibly helping, and even those that don't seem like they'd matter. I have tried leaving the batteries out of the remote, I've tried a different outlet, a surge protector, a system update - it still turns on by itself to the home screen. I have to unplug the tv if I'm not using it, which is less than ideal. Any idea what is causing this to happen and how I can stop it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! If it matters, I do not have the app on my phone or any other devices that are trying to send a signal. 

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Re: Tv turns on by itself

We have the exact problem, have to unplug the TV at night. Would love a solution.

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