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Trying to launch channels with no internet CRASHES Roku 3 and Roku Ultra

Problem:  When the internet is down, I can't launch apps on my Roku device - EVEN apps that don't require the internet, like PLEX and ROKU MEDIA PLAYER.  When I try, my device crashes and reboots.  This happened on both my Roku Ultra AND my Roku 3.


Today my internet was out for most of the day.  During this time, my wife tried to use our PLEX and the ROKU MEDIA PLAYER apps/channels.  Since we have a local plex server, that still works when internet is down, and since we have some media on a USB stick, that app should work offline too.  Local network was fine, other devices like our iPad could access plex server just fine.

When she tried to launch the apps, the Roku just sat there for like 30 seconds.  Then finally a screen came up saying that the app might require an internet connection.  It gave two options - "Setup Connection" or "Proceed Anyway".  She select "proceed anyway" since she knew the PLEX app had an offline mode.  The result?  The Roku sat there frozen for 20 seconds then crashed and rebooted.

We tried it on both our Roku Ultra and Roku 3 - multiple times.  We thought maybe it was PLEX, so we did the media stick (Roku Media Player) and had the same problem, crashed when we selected "Proceed Anyway".  Same with Netflix app (even though we know that needs internet it should still start).  In all cases we couldn't launch the apps.  In all cases choosing "proceed anyway" crashed the roku and rebooted it.  

So this stinks!  There are apps that don't need internet, can use USB or local network resources.  So this is a real bummer if the internet is out.  Pretty sure this is an OS bug since it happened on two different Roku devices.  Please log DR and get it into an OS fix soon.  Thanks!

PS - we were able to workaround it by doing a reset and selecting the PLEX app before the Roku had a chance to determine the internet was out.  Then a banner came up saying "connecting", then "connection failed" but by then we were in the plex app.  The app worked fine, going to offline mode and allowing us to watch our local PLEX content.  Definitely a Roku OS issue.

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