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Three ROKUS, Two TVs — No Sound on Startup

I keep finding it necessary to restart my Sony TVs to get sound output from my ROKUs, which are connected to a Klipsch soundbar in one room (optical) and a Harman/Kardon AVR (optical) in another room.

At first the issue impacted only one of the two TVs. As a troubleshooting step I took my 2019 ROKU Stick+ off the TV (Sony XBR800E) and put it on a "good" TV in another room (Sony XBR900F). The next day, I had no sound output through the ROKU Stick+, exactly as it had been doing while connected to the other "problem" TV. This led me to conclude the ROKU Stick+ was the cause of the problem, so I bought a ROKU LT to replace it. After nearly three weeks struggling to receive an activation email for the LT, I finally found a workaround for the fact that the activation email was a no-show. (I participated in another topic on that problem until I found a workaround involving connecting the ROKU to a mobile hot spot.)

So I should be home free, right? Wrong.

When I finally got the new ROKU up and running, the next day I go in and turn on the XBR900F — and here we go again: no sound. I had to do the same thing as I did with the Stick+ to get the audio to pop back in — reboot the TV (sometimes once is enough, other times it takes multiple tries). Meanwhile, over in another room where my "good" ROKU + Stick was now attached to the XBR800E, I find that it has begun to lose sound in the same way. (Three ROKUs in total behaving this way.)

I notice that on both TVs if I listen through the TV's built in smart apps, there is sound output. For this reason,  I tried swapping out optical cables but no improvement. After restarting my TV, I will have sound as long as I am using the ROKU, but if I power off the TV and come back later, be it an hour or overnight, I have to reboot the TVs one or more times before I get the audio back.

As a troubleshooting measure, I unplugged both TVs and ROKUs for 15 minutes and then reconnected — but that didn't solve the problem.

So here are my questions: Did ROKU put through some kind of update that is causing the audio signal not to "wake up" when the TV is powered on? Alternately, might this be some kind of TV-specific problem (Sony TVs no longer playing nice with ROKUs)? Anybody else have this issue?

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Re: Three ROKUS, Two TVs — No Sound on Startup

Does anybody have any suggestions for me? It's been several weeks and I am still having audio loss on startup of my TV/ROKU.

ROKU audio output appears not to "wake up" when my TVs are powered on (both TVs are Sony). The missing audio impacts two ROKU Stick+ (2019) and one recently-activated ROKU Ultra LT. In both cases, TV sound output is working for the Smart TV interface but not for the attached ROKUs unless I power on/off the TVs one or more times to get the audio output to kick in. Beyond the fact that it is annoying, I don't want to damage my TVs turning them on/off repeatedly in effort to get the ROKU audio to "wake up".

I tried unplugging the TVs and the ROKUs but the issue remains. The only thing I have yet to try is a factory reset — but would I reset the ROKUs or the TVs?

To complicate matters, I have also been impacted by the problem many have recently reported trying to activate a new ROKU (no activation link shows up on email). So my question is — and I hope the moderator can jump in here — if I factory reset my ROKUs will it mean I have to await an activation email — or will my ROKUs still be registered to my account even after a factory reset to enable me to bypass the activation link step?

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