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Three Problems - ROKU Stick, TV or App Problem?

For about five years I have had no issue using a ROKU Ultra but about five months ago I decided to add two more ROKUs to my streaming-only household and have had nothing but problems ever since. Please jump in if you know the answer to one or more of the issues below.

In no particular order:

1) I am getting logged out waaaaaaay too often to make any real use of "GO apps" that I am eligible to watch as a result of my streaming TV provider. I could understand if I had to login and all of my ROKU devices were good to go — but I can be logged in to a GO app via one ROKU even as its counterpart on another ROKU has locked me out of content (while still purportedly signed in). I only watch the GO apps maybe every other week to once per month, depending on the app, so I realize that it's going to be necessary at times to sign back in. But what's driving me up the wall is the fact that when I do need to sign back in, it's not carried over to the other GO apps on my same home wi-fi network. I would make regular use of these apps if I wasn't being presented with a red key (lock icon) when I should be seeing the blue one (unlocked).

It does not matter if it is Travel, DAM, TLC or any of the other GO apps — they all have a tendency to report that I am signed in but in reality my authorization link to my streaming TV provider has broken. I'd like to share my feedback with the GO app developers but all I see are individual websites for Travel Channel, TLC and others. It would take all day to go through each channel and provide feedback on this behavior. (What's more, for at least two I already have and the effort resulted in zero response.) I'd like to send my feedback directly to the developers for all the "GO" apps, which I presume are related to one another. Does anybody know how to send this feedback straight to the top?

2) My 2019 ROKU sticks routinely flash HDCP errors when going to and from commercial breaks while using the aforementioned GO apps. This problem also occurs while watching the NASA live-stream feed from PLUTO. The HDCP error notice ends up blocking the primary content, not just the advertisements, for anywhere from 10-30 seconds.

I posted a couple of months ago when I bought my current-gen ROKUs to go with my new 4K TVs. ROKU support docs simply say to use certified high-speed HDMI cables but no matter what brand I purchased — and I spent a small fortune on 4K Ultra cabling — it never corrected the issue.  It's not an HDCP device error, either, because my connections to soundbars and receivers are optical, not HDMI, so the only HDMI in the mix was ROKU (upon initially having purchased the premiere and ultra). Long story short, I kept returning ROKU devices thinking that they were defective. I finally settled on two current-gen ROKU sticks, thinking that a direct-USB plugin would eliminate the HDMI cable headaches — but I STILL see the errors. :!:

3) None of my 2019 ROKUs boot up cleanly when connected to my SONY (XBR800E and XBR900F) TVs. My old ROKU Ultra allows me to use the remote immediately to navigate the home screen. With my current-gen ROKU sticks, there is a lag of 5-15 minutes before the remote will respond (Home screen behaves like it is frozen after booting up). I tried putting the ROKU USB on a powered connection, to avoid relying on the USB port for power, but that solved absolutely nothing. If I had to guess, I would suspect the glitch is related to the fact that the ROKUs are using wi-fi remotes rather than the standard infrared types. However, I have ZERO issues with my home wi-fi otherwise. Having done some searches it seems like this could also be a SONY quirk but, again, I am not certain (and since both of the SONY models I bought early this year have been on the market for 2-3 years, one would think a firmware update would have addressed any problem like this if it were a widespread issue for ROKU users on SONY 4K TVs!).

My first-gen ROKU Ultra is still rock-solid reliable but I have had nothing but headaches with the new ones between the GO app behavior, the remotes needing to be re-paired at least once every six weeks and the constant Home Screen lag/freezes upon boot-up of the TV/ROKU. Most recently my experience has been that unrelated apps, like TuneIn, that I can login successfully on the web report on both 2019 ROKUs that they are unable to authenticate me. I am not clear if I should be asking for help from each individual app developer, which would mean spending a whole lot of time sending out a ton of support emails — or ROKU.

Any suggestions on how to resolve one or more of the above would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy.
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Re: Three Problems - ROKU Stick, TV or App Problem?

Thanks for all the detailed feedback and observations here. I'd be happy to help work with you to investigate any issue that we have the ability to assist with, as well as add some context here. 

As far as channel authorization, this is managed independently by each channel within their own authentication systems and app platforms, including the Roku platform among others. We have no insight into, or control over, the authentication process/systems or validity period that the channel will remain authenticated for on your device. Each provider may implement their own requirements or limitations. I hear your perspective, and understand the sentiment, but this is something you'll want to contact any particular channel about in order to learn more or share direct feedback. 

HDCP error generation can vary widely, and may result from a variety of factors ranging from TV settings, to device settings or compatibility, content formats, etc. In general, you'll want to make sure you are using HDCP 2.2 certified, premium or high-speed cables that support 4K HDR content. You'll also want to double check that you have 'auto-adjust display refresh rate' disabled on your device. This can help you avoid black flashing behavior in some cases. This can be accessed in Settings>System>Advanced system settings>Advanced display settings on your device. 

As far as the issue you mentioned with your remotes, this is something we've been investigating. Please feel free to PM me with the serial numbers of your Streaming Stick devices from Settings>System>About and I'll follow up directly to continue assisting you from there. 

Thanks again, 
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Re: Three Problems - ROKU Stick, TV or App Problem?

I'm having the same problem with my roku's since i changed my cable modem. Every app has locked out. I get the code go to the site to get the app it tells me i'm successful but i am still locked out.

Please help

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