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This isn’t making my life easier

I’m having multiple playback issues, I’ve been using apps on my Smart tv and phone For years now, I had some Small issues, it’s the reason I got Roku stick+ to consolidate All in one device and so I don’t have to deal with apps not loading or crashing On start up, but All those previous issues they were minor compared To this mess called Roku stick plus, I am really upset, the Constant interruptions to my programs, like i will be watching on Hulu and suddenly between ads the whole thing will just stop, black screen I can’t skip I can’t play I can’t do anything but reset it, and then I have to go back and find the spot i stoped at because Roku decided I’m done with this show or episode and on to the next one which means watching ads again, then repeat this whole situation again which drives me crazy, but that’s not the worst of it, on Prime videos I’d be watching a movie Roku yes Roku not the app because this never happened on my other devices will literally skip some movie scenes, it will pause then cut into 15 seconds later this happens multiple times during 1 movie it drove me crazy, oh and if you rewind it will still skip at that exact point, the only way I could fix this is by watching on my phone and tv simultaneously so I don’t miss some plot points, how fun is that?! So when it happened again with another movie I just stopped watching on Roku and went back to my tv apps, this is not ok, 

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