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Thinking of getting a Sonos Beam to go with my Roku TV

I have a TCL Roku TV (TCL model 55US5800, software 9.30 build 494-22) from about 3 or 4 years ago.  I wanted to upgrade the sound a bit.  Since I already have a Sonos system in the house (which I am very happy with), I was thinking about getting the Sonos Beam.  In researching here, I'm finding that there are some people that are experiencing a delay in the sound when attaching the Sonos Beam to their Roku TVs.  But many of these posts are a few years old, so I am wondering if this is still an issue. 

Does anyone have any useful info for me here? How tricky is it to get a Sonos Beam to work with a TCL Roku TV so that the sound latency is low enough to not be noticeable (maybe less than 100ms?)

I don't really want to get a different brand soundbar if I can help it, since it would be nice to have it integrate with the rest of my sound system at home... Thank you!

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