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Level 8

The * on the Roku remote doesn't work with my Roku Ultra

The * key on the Roku Remote doesn't give me the option of changing away from the audio description problem on my Roku Ultra. I have to start the movie, pause it, two up arrows (past X-Ray), two right arrows (to Audio & Languages) and an OK, OK to be able to make the change. I don't have an Overview option, and can't use the * option.

Hope this helps. Pete

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Level 20

Re: The * on the Roku remote doesn't work with my Roku Ultra

You didnt mention your Roku model # and firmware version: Settings/System/About

Some apps can override the Options (*) functionality for their own controls.

You should be able to open Options (*) during playback, but "Audio Track" is disabled - use the Prime app's settings for audio track control instead - this is by design.

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