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TV screen says low power at start-up, then works fine

Just bought a Roku Streaming Stick+ to use with my Samsung TV. When I plugged it in to the TV's USB port (right next to HDMI) for power and booted up for the first time, I got the "low power - visit go.roku/com/lowpower" message on the TV screen but then it flashed a few times and the Roku started like there were no issues. I went around back the TV to check and the light on the stick is blue, not red. Initially I assumed maybe my USB is powering but not enough to charge it up fully since it just came out of the box, although I streamed for a few hours before going to bed and it never gave me any subsequent low power warning.

Anyway, before I went to bed I took it off the TV and plugged it in to a wall outlet assuming I would just charge it up to 100% overnight. Verified that the outlet was on and the blue light was on and everything so it was charging. This morning blue light had turned off so I assumed it was charged to full power. Plug it in to the TV USB and same thing, it initially gives me the "low power" display on screen but after like 30-60 seconds it flashes a few times and then the normal interface comes up and I'm ready to go and the stick is displaying the blue light instead of red light.

Really confused as I charged this stick all night with a wall outlet so there is no way it is actually low on power...appears I am just getting this display along with a 30-60 sec delay every time I turn everything on which is kind of annoying.

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Re: TV screen says low power at start-up, then works fine

Roku devices do not contain batteries that you charge up.  They're more like a tv that you plug into the wall - they rely on the power cord to supply the power they need when they need it.

The USB ports on many TV's deliver 0.5 amps of current, which is insufficient to power a Roku reliably.  If the tv USB port results in a low power warning from the Roku while it is going though all the motions of starting up but then works okay for a while after things have settled down, then you are running right on the ragged edge of having problems.  You'll probably soon experience intermittent lockups, dropping out of channels you are watching and returning to the Roku home screen, etc.  You should instead plug it into house power using the power adapter that came with it, or one similar as long as it is rated at 1 amp or more (check the fine print on the adapter).

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