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TV screen flickering

I have a streaming stick that I just purchased 2 weeks ago. Its plugged via usb cable into the tv and is on a 4k capable hdmi switch. I have a power strip surge protector behind my tv with the tv, xbox 1, ps4, ps3,  bluray player, dvd player, 4k hdmi switch power supply, and ethernet splitter power supply. EVERYTHING requiring internet is connected by ethernet thru a powerline adapter which feeds to the splitter. I got the roku stick and plugged it into a different hdmi switch. Worked great for about a 2 weeks. A few days ago I bought a sony 4k bluray player. I REMOVED the old bluray player and the dvd player and installed the 4k player which is also plugged into the hdmi switch with the roku as the other 2 were. I couldn't get the screen to stop blinking constantly on any hdmi port. I go signal lost and signal received over and over on my screen with the blinking. So I figured the player was broken. Returned it and bought a Philip's 4k bluray player. Brought it home, installed it and got the same exact problem. Now I knew the sony 4k player wasnt actually bad. So now I spend about 2 hours and finally got everything to work even tho the thing that fixed it was done a few times before without working. 2nd day after the 4k player, I am getting overheating messages on the screen from the roku stick along with quick blips on the screen that does not affect the audio. We were listening to pandora when I first saw the blips and the sound never cut out. The device is hit to the touch but is not near any other heat and is literally hanging with an area the width of a pencil lead touching the corner of a wood tv stand, so plenty of airflow. Decided to try to put a fan on it to cool it off. Plugged in my tower air purifier into a different outlet around the corner(it is on the same circuit tho), I turn on the purifier and my screen starts flickering like crazy. Turn off the purifier and back to normal. Tried using the plug in adaptor for the roku to see if maybe the usb wasnt giving enough power to the roku. Tried the usb and power adaptor 3x each and all 6 times were same result. So now I see that other devices plugged into the same circuit are making the roku mess up. How am I supposed to use a roku device that doesnt work well with other devices near it?