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Level 7

TV randomly pops up the channel info menu

My TCL roku tv randomly pops up the channel info menu while watching tv. We use a digital antenna and pretty much any time we change channels the tv will start randomly popping up the channel info menu (the menu you get by pushing the ok button while watching tv). It causes the program to essentially black out for a few seconds before coming back on. We can sometimes fix the issue by turning the power off and back on or by checking internet connection but these solutions do not always work. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it?

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Level 8

Re: TV randomly pops up the channel info menu

This has been happening on my Hisense roku tv. The channel info pops up randomly on the lower part of the screen.  If I click OK, it goes back to normal or if I just wait a few seconds it goes back to normal.  Seems to have been happening since mid December roku update.  Anyone else experiencing this on a roku tv?

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