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TV not maintaining HDMI connection to Roku

I'm having an issue with my AV setup that results in the display feed cutting in and out.  My setup includes: Roku Ultra (4670X), Yamaha TSR7850, Samsung 75" 6 series UHD.

When I power on all the components, the TV briefly displays the Roku feed, but then begins losing signal.  So the TV is quickly cycling between displaying Roku content, to no signal, to Roku content, etc.  It will keep a signal for approximately 1-2 seconds before losing it, then rinse and repeat.

If I unplug the Roku (to power cycle it), the issue goes away and doesn't return until I power off the TV/receiver.  In fact, if I power the TV/receiver back on within a short time frame, the signal is fine and the issue does not present itself.  It's only when the TV/receiver are powered off for a longer period of time that it becomes an issue (e.g. When I turn off the TV/receiver in the evening, and turn them back on in the morning).

I should also note that I have two other entertainment systems with similar makeups that don't have this issue.  Two Samsung TVs and two Yamaha receivers paired with Roku Ultras (albeit all these components are 3+ years old and the problematic ones are newer).

I've manually set my display type to 4K @ 60hz.  Auto-refresh rate is disabled, and HDCP is set to 2.2.0.

Does anyone have ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix it?  Thank you!

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