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TV isn't receiving Dobly digital

I am brand new to Roku and tried doing my due diligence on researching the topic before posting. I bought the stick because my TV native Disney+ app is garbage.

My set up is this
Sonos soundbar optical to my 2016 Samsung TV(model UN55KU6290F
Roku stick+ plugged into my TV.

I went to the Roku settings and set the HDMI output to Dobly digital and audio to Dobly digital but my TV is only recognizing it as stereo(the Dobly digital option is greyed out on my TV)
When I use the TV's native Netflix app the Dobly digital option becomes available

I tried all the other different settings for HDMI and audio as well.

Any insight if this is on my TV or just a setting I am missing? Is there a workaround with other hardware that I could buy?

Thank you!
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Re: TV isn't receiving Dobly digital

From what I looked at, your TV outputs DD+, or DTS. Are either of those shown as options for your Sonos? I couldn't find audio details on your TV model, put if it has a PCM output I'd give that a try. I'm thinking that one device is not getting a compatible audio stream and is down grading to stereo. 

Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital + are two different things. 

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Re: TV isn't receiving Dobly digital

Honestly I was tried of messing around with it and just returned the device. I bought a android tv and a fire stick 4k to try both out. The fire stick worked right away without me messing with anything.

Thank you for trying to help
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