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TV Settings Don't Change Roku Streaming Images

My Roku is connected to an analog TV.  Changing the TV settings (brightness, contrast, etc.) has no effect on the Roku streaming image. Any way i can adjust those settings so I can make the Roku streaming content more suited to my visual needs (I have very poor vision). Thanks!

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Re: TV Settings Don't Change Roku Streaming Images

I can't imagine why your TV's controls wouldn't work.  The only thing I can imagine is that your TV has some kind of "child proof" feature that prevents kids from messing up the controls and you may need to give it a PIN or use some other trick.

On some TVs, these controls control all inputs at the same time.  On other TVs, each input gets it own settings.  I know that has confused some people in the past.  (ie: tuning up the contrast for one input may or may not affect the other inputs. If not, then you just turn up the contrast again for that input.)


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