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TV Flashing Display, White, and Grey Screens

I just set up my 42" onn roku tv 5 days ago. Everything was working perfectly and admittedly I used the TV for a long amount of time with little breaks. Last night while watching Netflix it flashed to this white screen, then a grey screen with brackets in the middle (the audio continues to play). Turning it on and off initially fixed it then it did it again so I decided maybe I had used it too much and turned it off for the night. 

This morning I went back at 11am, yet it still continued to flash between the two screens. I have tried: picture reset, network reset, and full factory reset as well as leaving it unplugged for around 5 hours. Now it has come to the point where it allowed me to sign back in, but it will only show me the true display for short amount of times before going back to flashing. I would like to be able to watch my TV for more than 3 seconds without it failing considering it is brand new! 

Any tips or advice are welcome. Thank you. 

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Re: TV Flashing Display, White, and Grey Screens

I don't use mine a lot and it is doing the same exact thing. I just bought it Black Friday. I'm following to see if anyone answer.

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