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TCL/ Yamaha Receiver- No sound sometimes

I am running a Roku TCL TV through a Yamaha receiver with a Harmony remote. The remote is set up to turn on the TV and receiver at the same time but half the time I have no sound. This is remedied by turning off/turning on the TV. Hard to troubleshoot because sometimes it works properly,  so I know ARC is working. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about what may be causing this. 
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Re: TCL/ Yamaha Receiver- No sound sometimes

ARC/CEC doesn't always work the way one wants it to. In my family room, I have to power on my Yamaha AVR before turning the TV on, or the TV remote will not control the AVR volume, although I almost always get sound. In my bedroom, again a Yamaha AVR, it always works fine regardless of what is turned on first. But my last AVR in that room (still a Yamaha) often had ARC issues and many times it was a constant game turning devices on and off trying to get it to work. I finally gave up and switched to optical. But with the latest AVR replacement (I needed 4K support) ARC has been flawless. 
You might see if there's a firmware update for your Yamaha that might help. Be aware that with the older Yamaha AVRs it's a real pain to upgrade the firmware. You have to burn the firmware onto a CD, then play it in a CD player connected to the AVR via optical. I've never tried it on my older receiver. My latest one has network access, so it can be easily updated over the air. 
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