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TCL TV - TV ARC not powering on after 9.4.0 upgrade

I have a TCL 49S495 Roku TV with a Samsung sound bar connected using HDMI ARC. Ever since the 9.4.0 upgrade on November 12, the TV does not detect the sound bar if I turn them on together. This worked fine previously. It works if I manually turn the sound bar on first, or if I restart the TV. It almost seems like the timeout changed for the TV to wait for the sound bar to power on. Anyone else seeing this or have suggestions?

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Level 7

Re: TCL TV - TV ARC not powering on after 9.4.0 upgrade

I’m having a similar experience. I have a TCL 55P607 hooked up to my Sony receiver via ARC and using CEC. Before this update when I turned on the TV, it would reliably power on the receiver and sound would come out as expected. Since the update, the TV seems to turn on the receiver but no sound will come out. I need to remove/re-insert the HDMI ARC cable and sometimes power off/on the receiver to get the sound to work. It happens so often and I’ve been unable to find a workaround so I had to remove the TV from the receiver - which is not an reasonable long-term solution. 

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