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TCL Series 6 / 55R613 menu setting incorrect.

I've been having trouble with my TV for a few weeks now, it seems that when using the smart apps on the TV, in this case Disney+, some menu settings are not accessible when they should be and don't reflect the proper settings.

1) when trying to set dynamic contrast on, the menu says that local contrast must be off, and it is off but still can't access dynamic contrast.

2). It's obvious that action smoothing is on, but in the menu it's greyed out and says can't adjust when game mode is on...but this isn't an input, it's a smart app, there is no game setting in the menu.  As a test I've turned off game mode on all HDMI inputs and didn't help.

Action smoothing is horrible, that's my biggest concern right now, any ideas/suggestions how to fix this?


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