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TCL Roku TV Volume Issue

Hello - 
I have a TCL 55" Roku TV, which I bought a year ago. Ever since I've had it, it's had an issue in which the OTA volume is fine, and loud enough, but when I use any apps (Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and CBSN), I have to adjust the volume much higher. I usually have the OTA on 12, but have to go to 18-25 on any apps to hear the same level. It seems to be getting marginally worse recently as well. After doing some reading, it seems this is an issue across multiple TV brands. 
Is there any fix for this? I love the TV otherwise, and the Roku UI. The guide in the OTA mode is really nice too. 

RokuTV Brand Name; TCL
TCL Model Number; 55S405
Roku Model: 7105X
Software: 8.2.0 Build 4167-30
Device ID; 9T5004597874
Your Roku Account information (not your forum account, but your
 account info); 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: TCL Roku TV Volume Issue

I don't have OTA tv, but I know what you're talking about.. I think at some point, Roku changed the way the volume is setup..

When I got my TCL Roku 40" tv a year and a half ago, volume 30 meant "pretty reasonably loud", but unfortunately volume 40 and 50 sounded almost exactly as loud as volume 30.

I'm guessing they made the volume settings more precise, meaning you hear a definite difference in volume, at all levels, not just the lower levels.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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