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TCL Roku 55S20 audio leveling nightmare. Dialogue too quiet music too loud.

I recently updated to the "TCL 55 CLASS 4K UHD HDR LED SMART ROKU TV 55S20" from a 1080p Samsung. I'm enjoying the upgraded picture quality but the audio is a nightmare with action scenes/music being so much louder than dialogue/speech. I've tried toggling on the "Dialogue Enhancer" but it doesn't seem to help (I do notice a difference but I still have to have the remote on hand constantly adjusting the volume).

Honestly, I'm no audiophile. I don't need soundbars, surround sound, etc. I just want to plug in my tv and go. My old Samsung tv could at least do that.

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Level 7

Re: TCL Roku 55S20 audio leveling nightmare. Dialogue too quiet music too loud.

Same issue here.  JVC 58" Roku TV.  My audio options are:

Sound Mode:  normal, speech, theater, big bass, high treble, music.

Volume Mode: night, leveling, off.

I constantly have my finger on the volume keys. It's not a small volume difference, either.  HUGE changes between speech and "action scenes" / music / commercials.  I haven't gone through all of the possible combinations of options listed above, but I have yet to find a suitable one.

I wonder if I'd have the same problem if I used a StreamBar or Smart Soundbar.   


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