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TCL 65R625 Audio Cuts Out

I am having issues with my new 65R625 TCL Series 6 Roku TV (ROKU TV A108X) It’s connected via HDMI-ARC to Yamaha receiver and everything worked great right out of the box.  Then a software update to TCL Roku TV and Dolby Digital+ started cutting out to the point that programs were unwatchable.   I contacted TCL reported it. They gave a me a long list of things to try.  I did all of them (twice!) even with new cable.  Same issue.  I scaled back to Dolby Digital/DTS with no issue.  TCL escalated my issue to“headquarters.”.  I ruled out Yamaha receiver since it does not happen on other sources. I heard nothing back from TCL and followed up after a couple weeks when Dolby Digital started cutting out.  They replied that my issue was still being looked at.   After hearing nothing now for another few weeks, no PCM cuts out. I’ve got a beautiful picture but no options other than playing from the tv speakers??  How can this be?  Is there a resolution to this or do need to just return the TV.  Again, everything worked great right out of the box. Very frustrating.