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TCL 6 series, roku media player sound issue

Trying to figure out which formum/thread this goes in. admins please move if I've posted it to the wrong one.
But like so many people, many of my media have no sound with the roku player. Ive read I have to convert and such. Sounds pretty much like buying this set turned out to be a waste of time if thats the case. I dont see me converting thousands of files. So is there a downloadable to my tv alternative that'll play these such as a VLC player? I can get the same files to play on my laptop connected via HDMI cable but never the roku media player built in. Other files play fine. Looking for a solution here.
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Re: TCL 6 series, roku media player sound issue

I'd suggest try playing the files thru Plex.. Plex will transcode the files into something Roku players can play (usually).
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: TCL 6 series, roku media player sound issue

Roku players only support a limited number of audio and video codecs, and only a few containers. If your media has an unsupported codec, you get no video or sound. With the wrong container, they won't even play. To better determine why it's not working, we would need the media information of a file that doesn't play correctly. There's a freeware program called MediaInfo that can provide the info.
But as mentioned, there are software programs you can install on your media source (Mac, PC or Linux, doesn't matter), and they convert the audio and video into something compatible with Roku. Plex is one, and one of the easier ones to use. Emby makes another. Both of these have their own Roku channel with quite nice user interfaces. They also provide a DLNA server function, so you can use Roku Media Player. There are also quite a number of DLNA only servers, both free and paid. I support Serviio, but there are many more. 

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Re: TCL 6 series, roku media player sound issue

Playing sound is the most basic function the player should have.  Had I known this was an issue I would bought another TV.  You are asking your users to go through multiple steps in order to play a simple file,  why not add the capability to support multiple codecs?




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