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TCL 6-series, Dolby Vision Extreme Low Framerate

A108x, 65R625, 9.4.0 build 4200-88


Any time 4k content comes in "Dolby Vision" the frame rate drops to less than 15 or so frames per second. I can watch other 4k streaming content at appropriate frame rates. Anything that is Dolby Vision is absolutely unwatchable. The framerate drops and audio becomes desynced. I despise everything about Dolby Vision with this TV. Is there any way to disable it? All other 4k content is fine. It's not a bandwidth issue, I've got gig fiber and actually hit about 950mb/s consistently.


I've done power offs. I've uninstalled and reinstalled apps. I've factory reset the TV. It doesn't matter which app it is, Dolby Vision screws up everything. It seems the worst in the HBO Max app, but it's terrible in Netflix as well. 


Dolby Vision also makes the tv unstable. In the off chance it doesn't drop framerates into the dumpster, it will crash the app of full on crash the roku system and the TV restarts.


What can I do to disable this "feature"?

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Re: TCL 6-series, Dolby Vision Extreme Low Framerate

@RecViking  I  basically have same tv as yours...mine is the 55R625.  Same issues, i.e. choppy, dropped frames.  Threre's a long thread on the issues/problems Roku TVs are having with Wonder Woman 1984.  Dolby Vision seems to be culprit as you allude to.  Link:

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Re: TCL 6-series, Dolby Vision Extreme Low Framerate


I have a tcl 65R625 Roku tv version A108X and experienced similar issues with lag when streaming Wonder Woman in Dolby vision. I tried playing through the HBO max app on my iPhone and used airplay to the TV. Surprisingly, the movie now plays in Dolby vision on the TV with no lag issues. There must be an issue with the HBO max app on this model of TV. I played the movie on my other 43’ TCL Roku TV (just in HDR, not Dolby) and there was no lag. Until they fix the issue with the 65r625, try streaming using airplay, it worked to watch in Dolby vision with no lag for me!

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Re: TCL 6-series, Dolby Vision Extreme Low Framerate


Yesterday I received email support reply from HBO Max and they gave me the scripted fix of uninstall, system restart, reinstall, update my roku, etc.  What's insulting is that in my original email to them, I specifically and clearly stated that I had already tried their lame fix solution several times.  So my problem of dropped frames on ww84 on TCL TV trying to play in Dolby Vision continues.  



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