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TCL 6 series 55R615 Issues


Been having two issues.  One, it seems that no matter the adjustment, HDR10 or Dolby vision from HDMI 4k Blu-ray player with certified cable is just too dark.  I even tried the different Gamma settings in the Roku app.  My older regular blu-ray player is more pleasing to the eye and you can see more in the dark areas than from the HDR viewing.  Plus, getting way more blooming from the local dimming than on my regular blu-ray.  It's very poor looking.  I am on the most recent software version. 8.2 something.

The other ongoing issue since I've had the TV since June is the fact that the Antenna setting doesn't always kick in at first.  For instance, I have a viewing setting that turns down all the sharpness and everything to make SD quality images from SD channels look a lot better.  Ones that play old TV shows or simply broadcast at 480p over the air.  What I have found is that when I just go up and down, changing channels, the quality will not be correct.  It will be too sharp, and may even be a default setting, especially for sharpness.  If I use the back arrow and go to the Home screen, let the small preview play in the TV input icon then select the TV input, then the image looks correct for the settings I have selected.  In fact, as soon as I hit the back button, for the split second the program is still playing before the home screen comes up, the image displays correctly.  So it's like the exiting does the trick.  And I have tried to let the channel play to just see if it will correct itself on its own, but it never does.  I always have to go back out and back in.  And this is every time I change the channel.  I can't go up one channel then back down and it be okay.  At least I know of a fix to get it to work for now, but it has almost made me stop using the built in TV tuner and send it out from an external OTA tuner which looks excellent 100% of the time.  I don't feel the built in tuner is quite as good as other external OTA tuners in general.

Sounds also seems to be an issue.  All the inputs vary greatly on sound volume.  Antenna will be loud and then produced YouTube will be really low, or Netflix, but then it also seems to be inconsistent, so that the opposite may be the case.  I am not sure, but I know I have to change the volume greatly between changing inputs.

Another issue that seems to have started with a recent update, is the wireless will not connect for 15-20 seconds after the TV is on.  When I first got the TV it was immediate.  Now, when I turn it on, I have to wait until the blinking on the front LED goes away and see the Not Connected indicator on the home screen to to the time before I can go into anything.  But, at least it does work.

Roku/TCl, can you please fix these things?

But, also, my display does have DSE and banding issues.  Sometimes it doesn't bother me, and I have thought about getting it serviced, but I guess it hasn't bothered me this bad.  With all these other issues, is it possible my TV just needs serviced or replaced to fix all the things?

Also, please do Airplay 2 like all the other manufacturers seem to be doing.  Thank you!
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