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Level 7

Suddenly Netflix and Amazon Prime Won't Work On Roku

I bought two identical Roku sets (Hisense brand at Costco).  One has the Prime/Netflix problem.  The other works fine.  We are on Google fiber.  There is good connection speed.  All other channels/networks seem fine.  Roku needs to address this problem.

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Level 20

Re: Suddenly Netflix and Amazon Prime Won't Work On Roku

You didnt mention your Roku model # and firmware version: Settings/System/About

Known solutions/workarounds for apps not loading:

1) Check for updates: Settings/System/System updates/Check now - try again

2) Change your Theme to the Roku Default: Settings/Theme/Restore default theme - try again

3) Change your Screensaver to a Roku clock: Settings/Theme/Screensavers - try again

4) Remove SD card (if installed) - try again

5) Remove app, RESTART ROKU: Settings/System/Power/System restart/Restart, Add app - try again

6) Network connection reset: Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset - try again

7) Completely unplug power from Roku for 10-15 minutes - try again

8) Factory reset: Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory reset <--- last resort

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Level 9

Re: Suddenly Netflix and Amazon Prime Won't Work On Roku

Netflix has been acting weird on all platforms for me recently.  I usually use my Roku streambar in the livingroom and have a Roku TV in the bedroom and even when I switch to my Fire stick Roku's sound goes wonky and often stalls as if buffering.

I often watch live streaming sports in 4k and don't have any streaming issues with any of my Rokus or on any other channel, just Netflix.

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