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Sudden blue screen?

Getting really annoyed that no one is answering these questions. We've had our Roku for months now with no issue.

All of a sudden, we can't press play on ANYTHING without a blue screen! All options are good, even pressing fast forward shows the smaller clips and so I know its not my TV. But no matter which channel I'm on, the stupid video won't play. Just audio!

We've tried hard reset, soft reset, factory reset and system update. Nothing is working.



Roku is 2710X model.

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Level 7

Re: Sudden blue screen?

Ditto here. We've had ours (Roku SE 2710X) for a few years now, but just in the last week or so, blue screen and no audio (but captions are visible!) any time we try to play anything on any channel. Fast-forward and rewind show the stills just fine, menus are all great, nothing. We've tried restarting from Settings, "restarting" by unplugging the power and plugging it back in, and even doing a factory reset. Nothing.

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Re: Sudden blue screen?

Blue screens usually indicate a copy protection issue.  Try a different HDMI cable or input on your TV.

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Re: Sudden blue screen?

This just started after several months with a Roku box. We can start up tv and get Roku screen but when we launch an app all we get is a blue screen but can hear voices. I swapped out with another box and everything works. I am wondering if the box needs to be refurbished, or just needs some sort of update.

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