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Stutter playing 60fps 10-bit HEVC videos on Streaming Stick +


I am having trouble with stuttering video streamed from a Plex DLNA server to the Roku Media Player app (v4.2 build 1657) on my Streaming Stick + (3810EU v9.3.0 build 4172-50). Any & all assistance appreciated.

The problem only seems to affect the specific combination of HEVC + 10-bit + 60fps. It affects videos of different resolutions provided they share these properties.

I've tested the following and they play fine:

H264 high@4.1 1920x1080 60fps
HEVC main10@4.1 1920x1080 30fps
HEVC main10@4.1 1440x1080 24fps

The following files play with a continual periodic stutter (link to sample provided):

HEVC main10@4.1 1920x1080 60fps
HEVC main10@4.1 1280x720 60fps

None of the files are HDR (specifically, all the main10 files use the bt709 colour space).

Plex transcodes the stuttering file to H264 by default, but by editing the RokuDLNA-4400X-7.x.xml profile in the Plex Server folder I was able to force it to play via direct stream - which I confirmed using the Plex dashboard. This is when the stutter appears.

This problem also manifests in exactly the same way playing the files using the Plex app for Roku (that's how I first noticed it). In that case the app makes no attempt to transcode, presumably expecting to be able to play the file directly.

The Streaming Stick + should be able to play 4K60Hz HDR. Is there any reason why these files wouldn't play properly?

Many thanks.

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Re: Stutter playing 60fps 10-bit HEVC videos on Streaming Stick +

Prompted by the helpful responses (which alas I only just read!) to my post about this on the Plex forum, I have done some more tests and concluded there is some kind of compatibility issue with 60fps HEVC files encoded using Handbrake as my samples were (version used: 1.3.3, 2020061300). I used the Yadif deinterlacer set to mode=5 i.e. interpolate to double frame rate. The following sample was made from the same source file as the others using ViurtualDub2 (release version 43385), using the built-in deinterlacing filter set to Yadif, double frame rate, top-field first:

VDub sample

It plays fine on my Roku stick.

Interestingly when I open it in VLC and look at the codec info, it shows the correct frame rate, 59.94fps, whereas the other Handbrake-encoded samples are marked as 29.97fps, even though they are really 59.94fps, and play back at that rate correctly in VLC and MediaPortal.

I'm not sure what's going on or whose problem it is, so I will post on the Handbrake forum as well and hopefully a solution can be found.

Thanks again.

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Re: Stutter playing 60fps 10-bit HEVC videos on Streaming Stick +

Is it possible the Roku player is trying to bob deinterlace the 60fps video, producing a 120fps stream that it then struggles to display bacause it's outside the compatibility matrix? Just a thought.

I have started a thread about this on the handbrake forum here.

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