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Stuck picture while audio continues

I just bought a brand new Roku express. I am trying to watch a show on Hulu after the commercial the last picture from the ad freezes and the show audio starts to play. I’ve tried exiting out and it takes me back and I end up watching the same part of the show until the commercial comes and starts all over. I have excellent internet connectivity and it does not happen on my smart tv. 

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Re: Stuck picture while audio continues

If it only happens with Hulu, and no other channel on the Roku, then the issue is with the Hulu channel. Roku did not develop that channel and does not provide direct support for it. You need to contact Hulu. 

If it happens on multiple channels on your Roku, then yes it is something Roku can look at. 


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Re: Stuck picture while audio continues

FYI, if you hit the fast forward it will snap out of it.  Can at least watch it, but not permanent fix.

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Re: Stuck picture while audio continues

I just chatted with HULU support regarding this issue.   According to chat support, HULU is working on a fix.  However, there is no publicly available page which describes and acknowledges the problem.  In my opinion, the best way to bring pressure upon HULU is to:

1.  Obtain specific ROKU device description.

2. Open a chat session with HULU technical support.  Describe your problem as program video not being displayed after return from VOD tv show ads.  Include device settings in description.   Some older devices are no longer supported.

3. Describe trouble shooting methods already used.  In my case that was unplug ROKU device power for 1 hour, check for ROKU updates and reset ROKU to factory defaults.

4. Ask for probable time on fix being issued.

HULU Chat support is found at:

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Re: Stuck picture while audio continues

Mine does this too.  I hit rewind for just a couple of seconds, then play. Then it will play the rest of the show.  I should also mention that my modem was just upgraded, but it did this both before and after the change.  It IS annoying. 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Stuck picture while audio continues

Hi @Farmboy1,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community and We'd like to know more about how we can help.

Does the issue only occur on a specific channel or all channels on your Roku device? Are you using a Roku player or Roku TV?

As a first step, we recommend restarting your Roku player, go to Settings > System > System restart. If you have a Roku TV, Go to Settings > System > Power > System restart > Restart and unplug your TV for 10-15 minutes then plugging it back in to resolve the issue

Keep us posted and we'll continue assisting from there if needed.

Best regards,

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