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Stuck on Roku Landing Page

For the last 2 days, my Roku 3 page is stuck at the "Roku" landing page. I've troubleshooted every option - my wifi connection is fine, rebooting does not work, unplugging and plugging back in doesn't work. I can't get past the tapping "k" page and get to the Home page.  Is it time to get an updated device?  

I tried to search for a current topic but the threads I've seen doesn't quite match what I'm encountering.

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Re: Stuck on Roku Landing Page

If you have an SD card inserted, take it out.  If not, it may be time to perform a factory reset.

Basically, find the pin hole in the back and insert a paperclip or something similar and press the button for no less than 30 seconds (ignoring anything happening onscreen).

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