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Streaming stick+ (3810X) locks up

Today is 3/11/2018, I purchased it on 3/10/2018. I purchased the streaming stick+ so I can move my Roku 3 to another TV. I've used the Roku 3 for many years and it has never given me a single issue, but the better specs of the stick+ seemed worth buying. 

The whole story:
Last night I plugged it into my TV, and I'm powering the stick+ with a 120V outlet to make sure adequate power is provided. Once it turned on, I could see the dancing Roku...but after that the issues began...the screen went black for several minutes. I thought "this things happen sometimes" and unplugged from the power source, and tried again...same thing. I repeated this five times and it happened every time. I did notice the stick+ light blinking like this ++_____++_____++_____++____, and if I pressed the buttons on the remote it would look more like this ++___++++++___++++_+++. So the remote signal was reaching the stick+ but the stick+ was unresponsive. I finally got fed up and moved the stick+ from HDMI1 to HDMI2 (My Roku 3 has been on HDMI1 for many years as it was the only device connected), and I finally got to the Language selection screen! Elated, I happily proceeded with the setup of my language (English), Wi-Fi via 5GHz 802.11ac (Netgear R6200), and firmware update....only to become unresponsive once again *sigh*. I thought "well it was a new firmware update, these things sometimes happen", so I unplugged and replugged it and that did fix it. I was finally on the home screen! My Roku 3 channels (148 of them) began downloading. After all of this frustration I finally felt excited once again. Buuut it continues to randomly completely lock on me, and I must unplug it to restore functionality. I don't understand how the less powerful Roku 3 worked flawless for many years, but the more powerful stick+ can't work on day 1. Another thing is when I run the check for updates, it spins non-stop and never returns with "Your Roku is up-to-date". I can press the home button to exit the search, but it becomes unresponsive again.

Short version (TLSmiley Very HappyR)
Stick+ became unresponsive on day 1, through the setup process, and continues to become unresponsive.

I already HATE the new controller, and now with these software issues I'm wondering if I should return it for a different device. I mostly want to stay with Roku because it is the only agnostic choice, but if it won't work as expected then I can't keep it. 

If anyone knows what the issue is, please let me know!
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Re: Streaming stick+ (3810X) locks up

I just purchased a streaming stick and it froze when it got to the network login. Remote would not navigate keyboard. I returned it and bought a Streaming Stick Plus.
Same problem. I'm connecting to visio TVs that i have working fine with a ROKU Stick and a ROKU Ulta.  They seem to pair OK, but just freeze up.

Any ideas??
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Re: Streaming stick+ (3810X) locks up

The double blinking LED indicates an issue connecting to the wifi.

Try moving the router, or getting an HDMI extender.
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