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Streaming Stick video is dark

I just bought a streaming stick (3600) and upon first use the image was incredibly dark on all apps during playback. The blacks were really squashed and lacked definition.  I've been reading online that this was likely due to the Roku unit outputting 0-255 full RBG where most TV's operate at 0-235 limited. I adjusted the HDMI RGB color settings on my TV (Panasonic ST60) from the standard 0-235 limited to full/auto which appears to have helped with the black levels to a degree however I can still see a little image degradation when I compare it to other video sources going to the TV (via different HDMI inputs that are set at the 0-235 standard rgb level). Since I've seen this topic on a few forum posts, I just wanted to make the roku team aware that I'm also experiencing this issue and if there was anything being done to help address this. 
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Re: Streaming Stick video is dark


also experiencing this issue with a panasonic plasma tv 1080 p using roku stick. 
compared video feed with the panasonic app and the roku is 10-20% darker. 
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Re: Streaming Stick video is dark

Same problem here. See my previous post below. Doesn't seem like Roku is going to do anything about it despite numerous complaints, which include the Roku 3. There should be a setting  to change it from full RGB range, which for some stupid reason is the default, when it should be limited (standard), which is recommended and compliant for most TV's. :roll:

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Re: Streaming Stick video is dark

I have this exact same issue.

I just purchased and setup a 3600 streaming stick a couple weeks ago. While streaming video on several channels - including my most used one Amazon video - the screen dims and becomes quite dark after a few seconds. Quite dark, making some movies that are already dark nearly unwatchable.

All other HDMI inputs perform well. Problem only occurs when using Roku.

My Samsung plasma does not allow me to have separate settings for each input. I had enough trouble getting my wife to deal with another remote, I certainly do not want to have to teach her to pull out a second remote to manually adjust the video settings when any time she wants to use the Roku!!! That makes Roku a non starter for me. 

A quick Google search indicates many people with the exact same problem, but no solutions. 

Is there a fix for this that I am missing? Do all Roku devices have this issue, or just the streaming stick?


Roku 3600R Streaming Stick
S/N: 5s56ar596498
Installed: Jan 14, 2017
Last updated: Jan 14, 2017
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Re: Streaming Stick video is dark

The new 2017 Streaming stick seems to have resolved the issue.  I compared my 2016, and new 2017 stick, and the new one seems to have natural looking video.
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