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Streaming Stick+ playing Netflix at a lower resolution

I have a BenQ HT2050A 1080 projector. When I connect my Mac to it via HDMI and play Netflix over Safari, it plays in 1080, but if I switch the source to my Roku stick and play the same thing, it's visibly at the lower resolution - it's not streaming at 1080. I can stop the episode on the same frame and switch between my Mac and the Roku, and it's clear the Mac is at a higher resolution and the Roku is not. Any ideas what's going on?

I've tried getting the stats for nerds window to appear, to validate what I'm seeing, but the * button doesn't seem to work on the streaming stick+. But it's clear from looking at it that the resolution is different. Netflix restricts playback on Chrome to 720 because of DRM issues (see here) so I can see on the desktop what 720 looks like by streaming on Chrome. Playback of Netflix on the Roku looks the same!

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