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Streaming Stick Stuck on Green Screen After Already Watching

Hello all,

I am helping my father setup his Streaming Stick.

I was able to run through the initial setup for the remote, wifi, confirming display, and general channel layout.

Watched various channels for ~30min and then all of a sudden it locked into displaying a green screen that persist through resets using the device's button, removing power, and re-inserting in HDMI slots. Originally was supplying power through TV's USB, but swapped to outlet to be sure it wasn't starving for power.

I suspect it might be related to HDCP, but how can I verify this?

  • Roku Streaming Stick Model 3800X

  • Samsung Model LN-84041D
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Level 7

Re: Streaming Stick Stuck on Green Screen After Already Watching


Roku Customer Support took a look at the device through my account and deemed it faulty. They will provide instructions for replacement.
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