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Strange issue with Roku 2 (3100X) connected to an HDMI audio/video splitter to projector

I have an old Roku 2 box (3100X) that works fine plugged into a normal TV.  I wanted to connect it to my big-screen projector which does not have any audio out.  So I bought an HDMI video/audio splitter to try. 

I connect the Roku HDMI to the splitter HDMI in.  The Splitter audio out goes to my receiver and the video out goes to the projector. 

I see the Roku home screen and hear the remote clicks when I move around.  My network connection is wired and solid at about 100Mbps.  

Here is where the strangeness starts!

1) Netflix: I can select movies from the Netflix menu and select Play.  However, the movie never plays, it just keeps going back to the Play/Resume screen.  

2) Amazon Prime: I can select movies from the Amazon menu and play them.  The video image is fine but for some movies (maybe newer ones?) there is only a loud, continuous buzzing noise and no audio.  With some other movies, the audio works fine.  

Again, the box connected directly via HDMI to a TV works just fine - all apps including Netflix and Amazon produce good audio and video.  This happens only when I'm using the HDMI splitter and projector.  

Would apprecaite any ideas.  Thanks.  

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Re: Strange issue with Roku 2 (3100X) connected to an HDMI audio/video splitter to projector

UPDATE:  I used a different HDMI cable and now the Amazon Prime buzzing audio is gone, all good there. 

But NETFLIX still has the problem - it never actually plays a movie.  Just keeps going back to the PLAY menu.  

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