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Strange Roku Soundbar question (tech)

Hello, y’all- 

We love our Roku Smart Soundbar, HIGHLY recommend. However, with the one in our cabin we have an issue I was wondering perhaps a move savvy AV type could help with. 

We do not have WiFi in our cozy isolation station, nor do we want a wireless router. With our Smart Soundbar at home it’s all gravy- alas, the SSB does not have an Ethernet port. Would it be possible to run our hard-wired Roku2 THROUGH the Smart Soundbar? Or is the sound bar too smart to be a stand-alone unit?

Thanks for your help! 

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Re: Strange Roku Soundbar question (tech)

Basically you want to use the roku 2 (Ethernet cable) and use the soundbar for just audio from tv like any regular soundbar. 

Yes, you can.  I suggest you connect like this:

1. connect soundbar to the tv (use ARC if your tv supports it, or optical connection).  This should provide audio to the soundbar from anything playing on tv, including from any tv input.  Make sure you have CEC enabled on tv and soundbar if using ARC, and is on the hdmi port label ARC.

2. connect roku 2 to another hdmi connector and start watch using roku 2 (select right input on tv for roku)

3. you should get playback audio from roku 2 --> tv --> soundbar

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