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Still getting HDCP error across CAT6

I know this is a topic already discussed, but my setup hasn’t been addressed. I upgraded to the new ultra 4800x a couple months ago and for the most part I’m very happy. The OS has been updated several time including 9.4.1 last week. My Roku is in a rack in my office and is running through an Arcam AVR850 out through an Atlona 4K HDR HDMI Over HDBaseT balun. This connects to a Sony Z9D tv in our Livingroom. Recently we’ve been getting the HDCP 2.2 error more and more frequently, and since the last update, several times rather than switching to 4K Dolby Vision, it will drop to 1080p with the content displaying only a section. 

I also have an AppleTV 4K connected through the same system, running the same streaming apps, Netflix, Disney+ etc, and have never experienced this issue. There are no issues with my cables, hardware or TV, they are all top of the line so I have to look at the Ultra as the issue. If anyone else is running through a balun and has found a way to resolve this, or can confirm it’s happening to them as well, please let me know so we can contact support. Thanks. 

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