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Static screen on and off on Stick

My Roku “Streaming Stick” will suddenly display static, with no picture whatsoever, while the audio continues unchanged. Plugging and unplugging the hdmi (with power on entire time) will resolve the problem immediately, but only temporarily. Even without plugging and unplugging, the picture will return after a few minutes. I thought it might be a heat issue, so I got a short extension cable to insulate the stock from the heat of the receiver. This did not change the problem. Additionally, both inputs of the receiver have the same problem, and it continues when I plug directly into the TV.

Picture of static (in case this helps): ... c.JPG?dl=0

I had an old Roku that never had these issues, and the new Stick is being used on the same exact TV as the old one.

I would just return the thing, but it happened before on a Roku stick. That one was refurbished. So I returned it, and bought a new unit (non-refurbished). Eventually, the same problem recurred. Any ideas? Should I just ask for a warranty exchange, or is there a solution?

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