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Static noise ... crack, popping

Just bought the Ultra. Hooked it up today and sounded fine. Immediatly a firmware update was forced. Upon reboot, a popping and crackling began. Now when I stream services it is all garbled static. I've changed every setting, cords, ports, even down to removing all other close proximity devices. Factory reset....did that 3 times. Still nothing. Anyone had this issue and know how to fix it?
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Re: Static noise ... crack, popping

I too have the same problem on a new Roku Ultra. Apparently this is a common issue on various model Rokus as I see it all over the internet. Unfortunately I don't see any solutions being presented. I'm about to return this and exchange for some other streaming device. Roku apparently has no interest in fixing the issue.

I'll try to contact Roku support and see if I can get them to do something.

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