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Static led when turning on

Hello, I hope you are well and can help me with my problem.

I have multiple Roku express devices at home. I bought a new Roku that was missing in a room, I was able to configure it the first day, I turned off everything and the next day I connected it and it does not give video "it only turns on the led permanently" They are not the power cables or HDMI (I connect them where I have other rokus and they work fine with those cables) the problem is my device

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Re: Static led when turning on


Sounds basic, but are you sure the correct HDMI input is selected?  For example, if the cable is plugged into HDMI 1, are you sure you selected HDMI 1 with your TV remote (not the Roku remote) and not HDMI 2 or A/V etc?

Try using this Roku device on another one of your TVs and see if you get similar result.

Post back the results.

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