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Level 7

Soundbar not working

My tv: rca rtru6528
My soundbar: lgnb2022a

The TV has an optical slot and the soundbar only has an optical input. I plug the soundbar in the wall, put the cable in the soundbar then in the TV. No sound. I mute the TV, no sound.

I adjust the settings (turn off TV speakers, set sp/if to auto or to pc stereo), still doesn't work.

I tried connecting the soundbar to my pc (has an optical slot) and the pc detects it's plugged in, and I set the soundbar to default, and still no sound.

I can't tell if it's broken. When I plug it in there is a red light in the middle, that just stays there. Also I noticed the optical input port does not flow red like the optical port on the TV. I'm assuming only the optical output port gloss red?

Any advice on how to confirm its broken? It is used.
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Level 13

Re: Soundbar not working

Have you tried a different cable?
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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