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Level 7

Sound out of sync.

A/V guy here with many years of experience.

ROKU Ultra works fine sometimes then sound starts lagging quite a bit sometimes.

I have read and tried all the posted fixes and NONE of them work.  I have over 100mb internet speed and I have tried it wireless and on a ethernet cable. Also replaced my router.  I have a high speed HDMI cable and I have tried every possible setting on the ROKU.  My sound is going through a Onkyo receiver.

This is a regular problem that occurs randomly on different channels and feeds. it sometimes starts fine and then starts lagging and sometimes its just lags all the time. If it were consistent it would be easy to track down but there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.  My ROKU 3 does NOT have this issue nor does the built in tuner in my LG Television, I also have a Sony DVD player with streaming capability that does not have the issue.

IF this were a setting, cable or internet issue it would certainly be a constant problem or effect the other devices.  This is an issue with the ROKU.

There are plenty of complaints on this issue online.  Can someone from ROKU address this?

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Level 20

Re: Sound out of sync.

What model # Roku Ultra do you have?

If its a 4800, make sure you change Settings/Audio/HDMI to "Auto passthrough"

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