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Sound on TV and toggling, but no sound in apps

I have a Roku 3 model 4200A plugged into HDMI (channel 2) on my Sony KDL-32R3006 TV,
I get sound on TV from (HDMI Channel 1) from a lap top, and same when I swap 1 &2.  assume not the port.
Swapped the HDMI itself with the one from working lap top (no change) (assume its not the cable)
With Roku I I get the toggling clicks but no audio from any of the apps Youtube,, JTV, etc.
My connection is hard wired and good
My sound is set on detect which is how its been set up and working for over a year.
New HDMI cable (but like I said I get toggling clicks.
I've uninstalled and re-installed two most used apps (Youtube and JTV) 
Remote issue,that until a week or so ago, seemed to have no bearing on sound from TV. So no idea if this is *the* issue.
The headphone adapter on the remote stopped working about a month after we got it. but the sound on the TV has always worked.
The jack on the remote is free of obstructions the issue seems to be with the volume control on the remote that does not respond.
All other functions and buttons work on the face of remote.
Batteries are at 60%
One thing I did notice with headphones plugged in next to the time there headphone icon that has no circle around it and reads 0  
unplug the headphones and there is a headphone with exclamation point that does have a purple circle around it and reads 100. 
Thank you for *any* advice I'm at a complete loss.
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Re: Sound on TV and toggling, but no sound in apps

Try controlling the Roku with an app on your phone.

Next, take the batteries out of the remote, and using your Roku app, reboot the Roku.

When you launch a channel now, does it play?

If so, there's something wrong with the remote, possibly something physical.

If not, we've ruled out the remote and need to troubleshoot some more.
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